TrueNute Nutrient Management Service for Cannabis

As a cannabis grower, you have your sights set on getting as much quality production as possible at the lowest cost. Over years of trial and error and data collection, we have devised a system of balancing the nutrient levels aquaponics system water to do just that. Too much of the right mineral can cause the system to become unbalanced slowing your grow and lowering the quality of the grow overall. The same is true of not having enough of the correct nutrients & minerals in the system at any given time during the growth and flower cycle of the cannabis plants. It is true you can grow these plants in many poor conditions, but the quality of the buds will be lacking in every case.

What would you pay to double or even triple you yield and quality during a grow? What would that increase be worth to you as you sell your product on the open market or for medical or recreational use? Return on investment is very important in this business, if it is too low, you will find your farm moving backwards instead of forwards.

We bring to the table many years of experience in growing the best possible product for medicinal and recreational use Both in the cannabis and hemp fields. Being proactive and not allowing mineral deficiencies to occur will save you from loss of profit. While some mineral deficiencies that show up in your plants can be corrected many cannot once the damage is done. This damage can cause the loss of plants or in production quality and quantity in the end.

So how does the service work?

We test your water once to twice per month, analyze it and use all the information did you provide us about your system such as water and air temperatures , lighting, and where you are growing. We then put together nutrient mineral packs with instruction on when to add to your system. The way we put your mineral packs together you simply find the correct pack or packs, for the current dose, cut it open and pour it into your system. This leaves you much more time to work your farm, to work with your plants and you spend almost no time worried about the nutrients and minerals your plants need.

We consider an aquaponic cannabis grow that has 1000 gallons or more in the system to be a commercial grow. Our price for this size system starts at $200 per month. If your system is less than 1000 gallons, we will give you service however our minimum charge remains $200 per month.  This includes a water test all the nutrients and minerals your system will need with the exception of the nitrate and pH balancing. We also will instruct you on whether you need to raise or lower your nitrate level be it through the addition of fish or feeding as well as how to alter your pH level.

When you sign up for a Standard Tier Plan, you will receive the following.

  • An email from us with instructions on how to collect your water sample and where to ship your sample. You will also receive a printout in your email that will be shipped with your sample to the lab so that the lab knows what to do with the sample.
  • The sample will be analyzed, and the results will be sent to us.
  • We will formulate the nutrient minerals that your system needs and ship them to you, along with an email and print out of the instructions for dosing and anything else that we see needs to be done to your system.


When you sign up for a Pro Tier Plan, you will receive the following.

  • You will receive an email from us with instructions on how to collect your water sample as well as the printout that you need to send with your samples so that the lab knows what to do with them. You need to notify us of when you have shipped the first sample, so we can set up an email alert that you will receive every two weeks that will notify you that you need to send the next sample into the lab.
  • The sample will be analyzed and the results will be sent to us.
  • We will formulate the nutrient minerals that your system needs and ship new packs to you every two weeks along with dosing instructions and a plan of what needs to be done with your system to help balance the system.

The Pro Plan fine tunes your system water to carry exactly what the plants need, being adjusted to changing conditions every two weeks.

Please note, we do not manage your PH, we will recommend the products you should use, but you will be responsible for acquiring what is needed to adjust your PH. Your nitrate levels will also need to be adjusted by you. We will tell you exactly what to use so that the system balance does not become fouled as part of the service.

So not only do we test your water and provide what is lacking in the way of nutrient minerals, but we will also guide you to do what is needed to insure you have the most viable commercial aquaponics cannabis farm possible. 

When you are ready to start, just the link below and fill out our questionnaire and we will get a quote to you. 

TrueNute Nutrient Management Service for Cannabis Questionnaire